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iambarre is the leader in barre fitness methodology in the Cambridge area, and the first to bring barre based exercise to the area over 10 years ago. Now you can be a part of its success. Learn our unique exercise system, built on the principles of functional movement, designed to strengthen and balance the body and to develop posture and alignment. Join our growing team who are ‘Certified by iambarre’ and help our clientele progress in a barre fitness program that is safe, effective and fun! Achieve amazing job satisfaction doing something you love and help people become their fittest selves under your professional instruction.

With Certified by iambarre, you will:

  • broaden your knowledge base of functional and biomechanical movement and its direct application to the iambarre training method.
  • learn how to create a dynamic and effective barre class based on the principles of the iambarre methodology.
  • develop skills for effective demonstration, cueing, correcting, and use of language.
  • learn how to give modifications to make your iambarre class accessible for beginners and advanced participants.
  • expand your repertoire of teaching skills for your clients with on going training once qualified.
  • gain professional recognition and distinguish yourself from the competition.
  • become part of a wonderful team of professionals who are passionate about movement, building careers doing what they love.

This is the perfect opportunity for either an ex-dancer or someone with a solid grounding in ballet techniques.

Equally for someone trained as an instructor in either Pilates or Yoga who is looking to diversify and for new challenges.

Maybe you are a very keen exerciser and are looking to turn your passion into your livelihood?

For more information and to organise an informal chat, please call Karen on 0784 1363022 or email her at karen@iambarre.com