Welcome to the iambarre blog!

HIMG_0237i and welcome to my first ever iambarre Blog, introducing you to our new website and booking system. The new online booking is an application from a company called MindBody and one of the biggest in the leisure industry, so hopefully as we launch it this week, there won’t be too many glitches? I know many of you are nervous about the new system, but please don’t panic, Rosie, Grace and I are all on hand to talk you through any difficulties you encounter. I know too, that many of you are concerned that you could loose your regular slot in your usual class, as we will only be taking pre-paid bookings, but please be reassured, that if this becomes a problem, then we are more than happy to add extra classes to the timetable if need be to make room for everyone. MindBody will, however make your lives and planning your classes so much easier to manage, as you will be able to log on and see exactly what you have booked and where you are in your series of paid lessons. We’ll all be wondering what we did without it before very long?

Grace continues to work so hard in all our iambarre Certified Training sessions and I have been blown away by her aptitude as she learns to teach the iambarre technique and by her wonderful commitment to it. I feel so lucky to be working with her and I am absolutely delighted that she has joined our team.

IMG_0492Rosie, has been joining in with all my Workshops over the past month and like Grace, has been working so hard to develop and improve on her already superb teaching skills, by learning all the new developments that I have been working on…… She is really loving all the new adjustments and many of you have already reported back, that you have noticed that her classes are getting EVEN better as a result!

Please keep an eye on the timetable for Rosie’s classes over the summer months as she is only about on and off whilst the kids are off school, but will be back fully re- charged and raring to go again, to her usual full timetable in September!

My classes should run as usual over the summer hols, with the exception of 2 weeks from 12th August when will be closed for my summer break. All the dates will be marked out on the online booking timetable, so you will be able to see exactly when I’m off and when I am back!

To my TNP die hard barre ladies and introducing my new stop watch and whistle!!!…

.. if you haven’t already done so and if you love your TNP classes, come and give the newIMG_0172 look TNP it a try?! …… TNP sessions have stepped up a notch with HIT (high intensity training) 20 secs of fast paced all out effort, 10 second rest periods in 8 set series interspersed with some of my trade mark slow and torturous sets sandwiched between the HIT. Sound like fun? J HIT fires up your metabolism during your workout and keeps it fired up long after your class has finished. Although the benefits of HIT training are clear, remember that it should always be used in addition, not as a replacement for other types of iambarre class. It’s all about balance and keeping it varied.

Finally, I’d like to send a huge big thank you to the very talented and creative Eva H-L, who took all the beautiful photos for the website, to my amazing eldest daughter Molly, who built and designed my new, incredibly stylish website, to Bessie Walker, a stunning young professional dancer who modelled with us and of course to all, my wonderful ladies, for supporting me and my team on this exciting next chapter for iambarre. Grace Rosie and I feel very priviledged to work with each and everyone of you.

Karen xx

See throughout some of the out takes from our website photo shoot. Rosie, as always with that terrific sense of humour of hers, making us all laugh as usual!