About Rosie

My name is Rosie Cameron and I was introduced to the Method about 9 years ago shortly after Karen started teaching in Melbourn.

ROSIEI’ve always kept fairly fit and after the birth of my 4th child I started going to the gym and attending various fitness classes but found that nothing quite hit the spot. With a big family and a busy life, time was precious and exercise for me had to be something I really looked forward to, offered flexibility in terms of fitting in with my life easily and most importantly gave me results! The iambarre method offered all the above and more! I could see the method was achieving lean, toned bodies, it targeted women’s trouble spots like no other exercise I had come across and I left class feeling uplifted energised and aching in all the right places.

SO… when Karen suggested that I had the potential to train as teacher, it didn’t take me long to say yes! To earn money doing something I love and feel passionate about was like a dream come true. I was lucky enough to start my training with Lotte Berk’s daughter Esther Fairfax, learning a little of the history of barre based exercise. With Esther I learnt the core basics of the authentic Lotte Berk Method and after months of going back and forwards to Hungerford I then continued my training with Karen in Melbourn, bringing it bang up to date with the iambarre method. From Karen I have learnt how she has evolved the technique over many years of teaching, changing the emphasis, as well as introducing many new exercises and stretches taking it to a completely different level, using her dancer’s perspective and her unique body awareness. I qualified in June 2012 as an iambarre instructor. I regularly attend workshops and one to one training sessions as I’m always eager to invest time in my professional development in this very fast moving industry.

I love the relationships I build with my iambarre clients and the fun we have. Seeing them progress, walk taller and build strength and muscle tone is wonderful. Karen once said to me towards the end of my training before my own classes had started and the nerves were kicking in that this is ‘the Best Job in the World’ I couldn’t agree more!